Learn more about cannabis, legalisation options, and the positive effect it could have on New Zealand


Whakawātea te Huarahi

The New Zealand Drug Foundation has recently written a model Drug Law for New Zealand to try to address the harms of prohibition to society.  They recommend creating a legal, regulated market for cannabis.

Whakamana Cannabis Museum

New Zealand's only public information centre about cannabis

Misuse of Drugs Act Review

In 2011, the New Zealand Law Commission conducted a review of the Misuse of Drugs Act, our country's drugs law.  They concluded that criminalising cannabis users causes harm and recommended more flexible responses to small-scale dealing, possession and use.  They also recommended a moratorium on prosecutions of medicinal cannabis users until the Misuse of Drugs Act is replaced by a new law allowing medicinal use.

Chris Wilkins

Chris Wilkins is a researcher at Massey University's SHORE research centre.  He has researched the harms of prohibition and come to the conclusion that the "social club" model found in Spain is the best way forward for New Zealand.  He is interested in facilitating discussion about what a post-prohibition cannabis regulatory system would look like in New Zealand.