The Facts

Soon we will be having a national referendum on our cannabis laws, here are some reasons why a conversation about change is needed. Check out our resources page to learn more.


50% of New Zealanders report having tried cannabis

11% of NZ adults used cannabis in the past year

34% of these adults say they use cannabis weekly

Young people are using cannabis more than ever.

Our laws don't protect them, and they are the most at risk of arrest.

NZ has one of the highest rates of arrest for cannabis in the world.

Someone is arrested every 25 minutes for a cannabis-related charge, and often, these are young people.


Dollars spent on cannabis law enforcement (police, jail, and courts)



Dollar value of existing recreational/medical cannabis black market in NZ



Potential value of NZ's R&D and export market under legalisation



Maori are 3x more likely to be arrested for cannabis.

They're also 4x more likely to be convicted.

Cannabis has major worldwide support as a medicinal drug.

Many doctors in NZ privately support legalisation.


64 percent of people think having a small amount of cannabis shouldn't be illegal.

79 percent of people think using cannabis for any medical reason shouldn't be illegal.

61 % think that laws should change so that cannabis is treated as a herbal remedy.


Over $100 million dollars is spent, every year, policing cannabis in NZ.

Is this where we want our tax dollars to go?

It's never been easier for a young person to purchase cannabis.

Our drug policies aren't working.