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Young People

The rate of cannabis use by young people in New Zealand is one of the highest in the world, despite many decades of enthusiastically enforced prohibition. A Prohibition that exposes our children to gangs, Police and the Courts. A young person's life can be ruined forever by having a drug conviction. Is this the best way to protect our young people from the potential harms of cannabis?

Real Crime

New Zealand has the highest arrest and incarceration rate of cannabis users in the world. Yet many of those arrested are young people possessing small amounts for personal use. Is personal use of cannabis really a 'crime'? And wouldn't Police time be better spent focusing on more serious matters?

Community Distrust

Cannabis is widely consumed in New Zealand as a recreational drug, and many users see it as no different to alcohol or tobacco when used responsibly. Yet the New Zealand Police enthusiastically enforce cannabis prohibition and use it as a weapon of discrimination against certain groups. Are these double standards actually making our communities safer?

Cost of Police

New Zealand Police spend over NZ $100 Million per year enforcing cannabis prohibition. Are we getting value for money?

Medicinal Use

Many consumers of cannabis in New Zealand choose to do so for therapeutic purposes. Should these people be treated as criminals simply for accessing effective medicine?

Harm Reduction

The official New Zealand government policy towards drug use is one of harm reduction. Does criminal prohibition of cannabis enforced by the Police and Courts reduce the harms experienced by cannabis users?