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Tell us what you think about cannabis and the results of its prohibition in New Zealand.

"Let's Start The Conversation" was initiated by a group of concerned citizens who wanted the opportunity to have an honest national conversation about community concerns surrounding cannabis and cannabis laws. In the past, the debate has been clouded by sensationalist rhetoric on both sides. We want to have an open and transparent conversation with the whole community about this issue, free from the influences and stigma which has prevented rational debate in the past.

We want to hear from you so we can get the ball rolling and see if we can't all agree on a way forward once and for all.

The purpose of this site is to encourage and facilitate a national conversation about cannabis and aggregate the results here for everyone to see. Hopefully we will be able to come to some conclusions about the best way to deal with these issues.

Here are the ways you can join the conversation about cannabis:

1) Sign our petition and tell us why this issue is important to you.

2) Send a Tweet about your thoughts on the subject and mention @ConversationNZ or #ConversationNZ.

3) Like our Facebook page and add a comment with your views about cannabis and prohibition.

4) Comment on our Youtube channel or any of our videos. Or better yet...

5) Post a video response to one of our Youtube videos.

6) Send us an email: letsstarttheconversation(at) gmail (dot) com

Please share this website and our videos on social media and mention it to your friends and hopefully we can get this conversation started.