Is Cannabis Prohibition Working?

Arguably, cannabis prohibition has failed to produce results for too long.  More and more people are using cannabis every day.  Let's start the conversation about our cannabis laws and try to get better results for our communities. This site was started by a diverse group of concerned citizens, and we invite you to take part in this very important conversation which is happening across New Zealand right now.

Add your voice to this important conversation now, and please sign our petition!

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Cannabis prohibition in New Zealand has been controversial for decades. In 2007 The New Zealand Drug Foundation called for national conversation about cannabis. For five years, this conversation has not taken place.

We as a nation must have this conversation.  The debate in this country has always been very polarized, and it can get pretty extreme on both sides.  Some would have you believe that cannabis is an evil drug, destroying the minds of our society’s youth.  Others contend that it’s a miracle plant, sent down from the heavens to solve all of earth's problems.

It's hard to sort through all the rhetoric and make an informed decision, and government after government has refused to make this conversation a priority.

But we don't need to wait.  Let’s have this conversation right now, on the internet for all to see.  Open and transparent.

Join the conversation and tell us what you think about cannabis, and New Zealand’s laws against it.

Send a tweet, upload a youtube video, post a comment, or sign our petition.  We want to hear from you, and so does the rest of the country.  Whatever you believe, our future depends on it!


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I have been working for many years as a doorman and security guard. In that time I have seen a variety of substances being abused. Every night provides a snapshot of how alcohol and drugs affect people. I have never had to throw a 'stoned' person out for violence or anti-social behaviour. I have seen countless examples of alcohol-induced anger, violence, disgustingness,  and many other morally repugnant behaviours.
Anyone who has had to clean a pub toilet in the morning will verify this.
It seems ridiculous to call alcohol, the leading destroyer of lives and families in New Zealand, harmless while outlawing a relatively benign drug like cannabis.

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